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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winterization Complete

I finished winterizing the engine and AC/Heat system. While doing the freshwater system, I couldn't get the water pump to pick up the prime to run the antifreeze through the system. I opened all faucets and left run for for a while, but was concerned about burning the pump up.

So I now have to troubleshoot and find out what the problem is.
  • Took the inlet line off manifold to determine if fluid was getting there, found it to be air locked, for lack of a better way to put it, I "sucked" on the line until I was getting a steady stream of antifreeze through it. Re-installed, but still no luck.
  • Next step was to take the line loose from the pump and check to make sure the antifreeze was getting to there (it was).
  • What next to check, the pump of course. Took the cover off where the screen filter is and discovered it was packed with a crystal like substance. Once I took out, hosed off and reinstalled, it worked just fine. Lesson learned, check & celan periodically.

All is well, the only thing left to do is put the cover on for her long winter rest.

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