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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boom Tent (Winter Cover)

Finally got the cover on Carina this weekend. I tried doing it two (2) weeks ago, only to find out the cover I ordered from Fairclough didn't fit (10" too short mast to topping lift). I called Fairclough and they sent me the necessary paperwork to ship it back to them via UPS (no cost to me). It seems the boom length on Carina is not standard on the Catalina 36 MKII according to Fairclough. They made the necessary modifications, sent it back to me and voila, it fits.

Now she (Carina) is set to rest the winter with an occasional checkup by me. While I much would have preferred the cover fit right the first time, I must say Fairclough was very helpful in getting the situation resolved to my satisfaction with only minimal delay to me.