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Sunday, November 4, 2007

That Time Of The Year

The time has come once again to get Carina ready to hibernate for the winter as we will not be able to make the sunny south/Caribbean this year. Went this weekend and started getting her ready to come out; changed oil, winterized fresh water systems, took the sails down, topped off fuel and added stabilizer, etc.

While doing the A/C unit, I found one of the hose connections was very much corroded and broke as I started to open it (literally in my hands). Luck was on my side toady as if it could have broken while unattended; it would have been a direct inlet for seawater to enter the boat (not good). Took a ride to the local hardware store and it was fixed for less than $11.00. Bought a lottery ticket, but didn't win, guess my luck for the day was used in detecting the potential problem before it resulted in catastrophe.

Now the only thing left is for the marina to pull her out for her resting place on the hard until next spring.

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