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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"I Would Have Liked To Have Seen Montana"

The character played by Sam Neill in the movie Hunt For Red October made this statement as he was dieing after being shot, his goal was to marry a "round" woman and raise rabbits in Montana. I too would have liked to have seen Montana (actually the Caribbean).

While my goal is not quite the same and I am certainly not dieing (at least not for quite some time I hope), my goal of cruising throughout the Caribbean will need to be postponed for the immediate future as a result of the drastic downturn in the housing market. Seems I put the house up for sale at the same time as the sale of existing homes was starting to take a nose dive. As my plan did not include owning and continuing to pay for a house during the cruise, I will need to postpone the plan until the market picks up and I can sell. At this point, I am hoping 2008 or at the latest 2009 will show a turnaround in the housing market and I can start my journey then. But for the present, I still have a nice home to live in and a loving supportive wife; life will go on.

So I guess it will be back to the reality of working and remaining a tax paying land based contributor to society.

As any sailing adventures and upgrades are made, I will post on this site for those who are interested in reading.